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Location - Húsavík, Iceland

Húsavík, IcelandHúsavík is located in North East Iceland, 480 km from the capital Reykjavík and about an hour drive from the biggest town in North Iceland, Akureyri.


The local name Húsavík is believed to be one of the oldest toponyms known in Iceland. The “Book of Settlement“ tells about the Swedish viking Garðar Svavarsson, who sailed around Iceland in the year 870 and spent one winter in Húsavík.


Húsavík is an authentic Icelandic fishing town with around 2300 inhabitants. The characteristic centennial wooden church in the center, is surrounded by colorful houses, and the harbour is crowded with small fishing boats and whale watchers. Whale watching has been a great importance and Húsavík has recently become known as the Whale Watching Capital of Europe.


When you come to Húsavík you’ll easily find North Sailing. The church is quite prominent in the centre of the town and across the street from the church is the North Sailing's main ticket office, "The Lighthouse". From the ticket office you can take the stairs that lead down to the harbour, passing both Café Skuld and Restaurant Gamli Baukur.

Location Húsavík, Iceland

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