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Skuld - Café & Souvenirs

History of Skuld

Skuld before renovation
Skuld before renovation in 2005.

This tiny house that now serves as a café during the summertime in Húsavík has a long and interesting history. It was built in the year 1920; that is shortly after the end of the first world war and prices were high, hardly anyone could afford building a house. There were a number of unemployed carpenters in the village who started building small houses and as cheap as possible. One of these houses was Skuld which was built on top of ruins of a house that had been destroyed in a fire 10 years earlier. The name, Skuld, means “debt” and it’s probably because the owner, Páll Jónsson, had to get a loan for all the materials needed for the house.


When Páll built Skuld it was one floor with a small attic, the floor measuring only about 30 square meters. There was a small basement with a laundry room and a large cauldron where women from the neighbourhood often gahtered to boil their “slátur”. South of the house was a small cowshed which the owners of Skuld shared with one of their neighbours.

For six years Páll lived there with his wife and three children and after they moved out other families lived there, so the next decades at least five peple lived in this small space.

In the year 1980 the town of Húsavík bought the house and moved it across the street because of road construction.

The next twenty years different people lived there from time to time but it was getting old and hadn’t been renovated much.


Skuld moving to a location
Skuld moving to a new location.

In 2005 the town decided to tear the house down. That’s when North Sailing got the idea to try and save the house. They moved Skuld to a workshop near Húsavík where the house was renovated. The next spring Skuld was moved to its present location and on July 1st 2006 Skuld was ready to start its new life. The local Bakery started running the Café and did so for two years but in 2009 North Sailing took over Café Skuld and opened a souvenir shop there as well.

Now this historic little house is one of the most visited places in Húsavík during the summer time.

Location Húsavík, Iceland

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